I’m sure all of us have been struck by these awful images that we saw of Grenfell Tower. I could not believe what I was seeing on the news. It’s so tragic to imagine that people found themselves going to bed, marking plans, not having second thought about what was going to happen. It made me so grateful and thankful to God for his protection but at the same time there is a deep sadness for the devastating loss. It immediately made me think I need to do something – WE need to do something to help these people. 

After seeing the messages over social media my first response was ‘let’s buy clothes materials and things they’ll need’, but I thought I would go down and see it with my own eyes and see what they would need. When I got there, I could see that they were inundated so I decided that I would choose a charity to donate funds to that might be able to take a longer-term approach to supporting people. and after doing some research I decided to donate to the dispossessed fund. I want to take this as an opportunity to encourage to think not just about the people who experienced loss at Grenfell tower but also jut to think about others in general who may be in need. 


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